TheLunchBox is a complete turnkey solution to schools – primary and high school – to run and manage the tuck shop/canteen on an outsourced basis.


Banking details

TheLunchBox offering include a cashless, real-time online facility with major benefits to the school and parents alike.

Our benefits include:


Safety is enhanced with the removal of cash from the tuck shop and the learners. Our point of sale system can also assist the school to manage menu items for sale during break times. Any item could be removed from our point of sale system between certain times in line with the schools policy.


Complete peace of mind over the learners account with real time access to monitor balances, download and print statements, exclude items form the menu and order online for delivery directly to the learner.

visiting schools / learners

Accommodate sales with receipts for all purchases.

TheLunchBox prides itself with the high standards we set to ensure healthy food options are available for every individual learner. This is achieved with our point of sale system accommodating every l learner in line with the predetermined requirements set out by the parent. These healthy meal options are managed independently by the parents themselves.

Our comprehensive menu ensures that freshly prepared healthy/dietary meal options are delivered to the learners in the class at a pre-determined agreed times.

This system caters for every learner’s dietary requirement from halaal, kosher, vegan and every type of allergen free offering. This is achieved with the guidance and involvement of the individual parents.

We offer parent direct access to the learners account to manage and restrict items on the menu. Access to our system enables the parent to manage any allergen needs.

The system manages every learners account individually. Every learner’s details are captured with a current photo and are issued with a personalised tuck card.

our history

My name is Johan van Niekerk. The “TheLunchBox” was registered in 2010 and it opened the first fully outsourced tuckshop in 2011. During 2010 after leaving the franchise industry I started exploring opportunities where I could apply my 6 years’ experience in the fast food industry.

My wife and I were blessed with 2 wonderful kids, both at primary school level. Demands on parents to ensure a well-balanced healthy meal every day at school is a daunting task, especially in our rushed lives today.

Time is not always on our side to prepare something healthy and fresh in the morning, with the result it is done the night before and often your craftsmanship simply comes back home untouched.

This was when the idea was born and I started investigating the food sector in this specialised market and how I can apply the expertise and knowledge for the benefit of parents/guardians and the school with healthy food options/meals on a day to day basis.