our services

to schools

  • Service Level Agreement between parties.
  • No financial assistance required
  • Reduction of staff costs for the school
  • Rental income potential for the school
  • Industry related regulations implemented and managed
  • Extended trading hours
  • Expanded menu with individualised health options to accommodate allergen and religion needs
  • Cashless POS system for safer school environment
  • Online account management system
  • POS system that manages items contributing to ‘spiking’ effect during school time. These could be excluded on agreement

tuckshop / canteen management

  • Assistance to set up and or manage the Tuck shop or Canteen for the benefit of the school.
  • Implementation of operational standards and procedures for the back and front of house
  • Staff requirement which include the training and other Labour related requirements within the food sector
  • Conforming to all sector related legal requirements such as the Consumer Protection Act
  • Preparation and implementation of recipes and the financial impact thereof on the model
  • Preparation of a tailor made menu items including allergen and religion friendly items.
  • Exclusion of menu items between agreed times by the school

to guardians / parents

  • Intergraded online Point of Sale (POS) system
  • Parent has direct access to the POS to exclude any item on sale at the Tuck Shop for individualised control
  • Extended online lunch box offering available
  • Healthy food options on sale
  • Financial management and control over the learners account
  • Allergyn or religion type menu included in the offering

What do we offer?

The system and menu is expanded to include services and products in line with our core business.

The expanded system includes the following:


  • Cashless card based accounts
  • Faster delivery to the learners
  • Safe environment with no cash on hand
  • Parent control on the learners account

    Online registration

    • Parents register for service (as outlined in the Consumer Protection Act)
    • User manual available after registration
    • 24/7 access to the online system and items for sale


      • Extended trading hours
      • Sector trained friendly staff
      • Expanded menu which includes allergen free and faith-based dietary meals
      • HASSP approved kitchen
      • Optimal kitchen layout to improve delivery standards and turn time
      • Stock control management modules

        Service levels

            • Improved speed of delivery (More learners or meals during break time)
            • Daily order facility for all learners to ensure meals at break time
            • Online ordering facility for parents to assist with a well-balanced Lunch Box for delivery to the class