our history

My name is Johan van Niekerk. The “TheLunchBox” was registered in 2010 and it opened the first fully outsourced tuckshop in 2011. During 2010 after leaving the franchise industry I started exploring opportunities where I could apply my 6 years’ experience in the fast food industry.

My wife and I were blessed with 2 wonderful kids, both at primary school level. Demands on parents to ensure a well-balanced healthy meal every day at school is a daunting task, especially in our rushed lives today. Time is not always on our side to prepare something healthy and fresh in the morning, with the result it is done the night before and often your craftsmanship simply comes back home untouched.

This was when the idea was born and I started investigating the food sector in this specialised market and how I can apply the expertise and knowledge for the benefit of parents/guardians and the school with healthy food options/meals on a day to day basis.

The schools primary objective is to ensure its recourses is applied towards educational results, by being focussed on teaching and learner education. The inclusion of a canteen and or tuck shop places unnecessary pressure on the Management team or Parents Association to ensure adequate funding thereof and the implementation of all food industry related requirements associated with the effective management and running of the facility.



Our mission is to offer a complete independent outsourced food solution to a school. The solution is based on the individual requirements and standards set by the Governing Body of the school. Our implementation is in line with the current food, labour and associated legislation.

This also includes a continuous training program for all existing and new staff to maintain the standards parents have become use to